Health Care Proxy

Health care

Designate a Health Care Proxy

A health care proxy is a person who is going to decide your health care if you are unable to make the choices yourself. Ensure that you are in control of your health even when you are unable to directly take charge with the help of Mark G. Aberasturi, Attorney at Law.

Medical Directives

No estate planning is complete without designing a medical directive for your care. A medical directive encompasses a number of documents, including a health care proxy, durable power of attorney, a living will, and any medical instructions for your care.

Living Wills 

The purpose of both a health care proxy and a durable power of attorney is to designate someone to choose your health care decisions if you are unable to do so yourself. With a living will, your health care provider can withdraw life support if you are terminally ill or left in a vegetative state with your written approval.

A broader medical directive may be necessary to provide instructions for your care if you are left in a less serious state, but are still left unable to take direct control of your health.
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