Rockland County NY


Rockland County NY

Get the Help You Need with Elder Law Issues and Litigation In Rockland County, NY

Are you someone responsible for taking care of your aging parents? Have you been wondering if there is anything you should be doing to protect their assets and prepare for future health problems? The process of caring for an aging parent can seem overwhelming, and many children with older parents don’t even think about what lies ahead in the future.

With Mark G. Aberasturi, an experienced lawyer who focuses on tax law, trust law, and other elder care law areas, you can feel confident that you have everything handled when it comes to protecting your loved one’s assets and health. If you live in the Rockland County, NY area and need a competent elder care lawyer, call his office today for a consultation.

Help with Real Estate Law and Wills

Many older people own property and have assets that they want to pass down to children, grandchildren, and possibly even friends. Without the right legal paperwork in place, all of these assets can end up in probate and it can be years before everything gets settled. You need a will attorney who can help your loved one evaluate their assets and determine the best asset division. As a real estate attorney, Mr. Aberasturi can help your loved one decide if it’s best to sell their current home and put the money into a trust or advise you how to handle the property upon your parent’s death.

Help with Legal Medical Paperwork

If you aren’t able to care full-time for your loved one, you may rely on a nursing home or assisted living facility to provide care. Mr. Aberasturi can help you get power of attorney and explain a healthy proxy so that the right person always has the authority to help make legal, financial, and medical decisions. He also acts as a nursing home abuse attorney and Medicaid lawyer, so all of your bases are covered when you work with his law office.

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